Monday, August 15, 2005

Chair in absentia

With a planning meeting this week, The Councillor has been doing his duty and reviewing the documents. Whilst doing this he realised the date of the meeting clashed with his wedding anniversary... and so has had to make his apologies and get the Vice-chairman to stand-in for him. Whilst he takes his civic duty seriously... he's sure you can fill in the blanks.

Sauce for the Goose

It has come to The Councillor's attention that the architect who managed to drive through the palns against all local wishes used to work on the District Council. The Councillor sniffs the air and wonders if he can smell the latest catch.

He goes on to observe that the District Councillor who, so forcefully, ensured said application was passed... is objecting to another development in a neighbouring Parish on the same grounds we used, and has advised the local Parishes to watch out for such developments. Mmmm, thinks The Councillor, "I wonder where he lives?"

Having the Chair

It would apear that during The Councillor's absence from The Chamber in July (due to pressure of work) he was unanimously elected Chairman of the Planning Committee. This has come as a bit of a suprise as he has only just found out.