Thursday, April 21, 2005

Planning, or not

Well your Councillor has just returned from a rather bizarre meeting. Avid readers may realise that the Parish Council Planning Committee was scheduled to review plans for a property that is close to your Councillor's home. So your Councillor turned up at the meeting to do his duty.
  • The meeting started with a statement from a member of the public regarding said plans. Having made his statement, said member was thanked and reminded that he could not speak again during the deliberations, but was welcome to stay.
    He left.
  • The Agenda started.
    Previous minutes were agreed.
  • Matters arising from those minutes were agreed (there were none).
  • Then the actual planning application bubbled to the top.

    • Your Councillor, being an upright citizen declared he had a prejudicial interest in the application and excused himself from the meeting.... took himself outside and watched the cars race by.
    • Some ten minutes later he was called back in.

  • The final item on the agenda was addressed... Any other Business. Again there was none.

And that was it. Your Councillor had done his duty, i.e. turned up, and agreed some minutes.
Your Councillor brings to your attention the stress of local government and wonders if he can stand the pace.

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