Tuesday, January 18, 2005

About the Parish - A quick sketch

Let me give you a thumbnail tour of our Parish. (I will, no doubt, provide greater detail at a later date).

The parish nestles by the sea, bordered by a river to one side, farmland on another side, the sea(and Las Ramblas), and an early 20th century housing estate. The parish council is responsible for the upkeep of the major infrastructure of the Parish not already managed by the District, County or Central Government. This leaves us with the heavy responsibility of a flagpole, footpath, and war memorial.

We are a Parish of less than 1000 souls. Most of these souls live in Alchemy Drive, Bayshore Avenue and The Enclave, though there are a few in scattered mansions bordering the farmland, and in Summit Avenue.
We are entirely residential. There are no shops, or pubs, or commercial premises within the Parish. We do, however, make extensive use of services from neighbouring parishes, particularly builders, plumbers, and funeral directors. The latter being the growth industry for the area.
Those who know the area will acknowledge that the Highway Code is considered heretical by the elders of the community, though they have been known to accidentally comply with its protocols. I will return to the subject of driving within the parish, at a later date.

The Parish Council and its sub-committees meet the statutory number of times each year in a hall in the neighbouring parish. (Our parish does not stoop to having a hall, nor a pub, nor a restaurant, nor a church, mosque, synagogue or temple). Over the following months I will tell you more of what goes on during these meetings.

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