Saturday, January 15, 2005

First Steps

Today saw my first official steps.

You cannot take public office without completing the Register of Members' Interests. This legal artifact makes sure that you have declared your interests so that you can be seen to be fair and un-biased in your dealings with and for the Parish.

Interestingly it deals only with financial interests, and memberships of organisations; not hobbies, football affiliations, favourite wine, or indeed any of the things that matter. It ocurrs to me that being and independent radical would not have to be declared, nor would being an anarchist, or even a terrorist (assuming you were an independent)... as in each case they imply no affiliations to groups. As it happens Councillor is none of these. The rebel in me is under control. For now.

I completed the register, correctly and obediently, and delivered it to the Clerk of the Council.

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